[#INTERVIEW] 2014/10/02 – All the questions to the 7 members with 7 colours of the new group MAD TOWN

After introducing MBLAQ 5 years ago, J.Tune Camp launches a new boy group. It’s called MAD TOWN. The leader Moos, BUFFY, Lee Geon, Jota, Daewon, and HO Heojun are seven bad boys who love music.

While there aren’t photos on their profiles in searching portals their debut is imminent, without prior information, they face the national media in Yoeuido, Seoul. After hearing his debut song “YOLO (욜로)” you think, “So is this group of guys”. H.O, the maknae, was not feeling well and he was absent in the interview.

Q. A choreography extremely strong. You seem very sore.

Moos: We have prepared a lot for it. Mainly for me, Jota, Heojun and the other members, we have a radical performance. For this reason we have prepared many exercises to avoid injuries. On the practice room weprepare our bodies with the enough energy. We can’t lie saying there is no risk, but we have to reduce it by practising hard in rehearsals.

Q. Who chose the name of MAD TOWN?

Moos : We decided to do it through a private voting in the company. It refers to a town of rowdy people who love music and know how to play.  Another candidate was name ‘Unicorn’. Thinking about it, appeared in the mind of one of us but eventually was eliminated. (laughs)

Q. For how long have the 7 members been practising to become a celebrities? 

BUFFY : The leader Moos was a trainee for six years. The rest were more or less for the same time.

Q. Introduce yourselves.

Moos : I’m Moos, the angel of donations. I’m 24 years old. Because I’m the angel of donations I always buy things to the members. From food to razors to shave. When we rehearsed at night the beard of the members start to go out and we have nothing to shave it. So I’m going to buy them.

BUFFY : I’m the talented BUFFY. I was born in 1995. I have lived in Korea for 20 years. I’m talented so I have many skills. Despite being young, the members tell me I’m attractive.

Heojun : Right. He’s attractive but apparently fails to catch the attention. We want to play with him, since he’s young we make fun of him. I’m Heojun, the vocalist in MAD TOWN. In the group I’m in charge of unexpected qualities. People call unexpected qualities when a person’s appearance is different of their real personality, they have a occult side. The first impression about me is a serious guy, but then that cold feeling disappears.

Jota :  I’m Jota. I was born in 1994 and I’m in charge of rap. I’m in the middle ages, in the group I am among the elderly and young. My real name is Lee Jong Hwa, my friends told me “Jonghwa you have good body!” and then went on to “Jonghwa you’re good” to my nickname “Jota”.

Daewon : I’m Daewon, the main dancer and I’m in charge of the young and positive energy. I was born in 1992, I’m 23 years old. I’m always smiling. At first I caused a lot of laughter they thought “this friend is a little weird.”

Lee Geon : I’m Lee Geon, I’m in charge of discipline in MAD TOWN. The elderly can’t do it so naturally I kept the position of captain of the discipline..

Moos : I’m the style who nags carefully the youngest, Lee Geon  is the perfect style to tell you hard things. They feel safe on our shoulders, right?

Q.  How long have you been practising together as a group? What are your reasons to join the group? 

Moos : It’s been almost two years.  My dream of being a singer grew up when I joined the dance group from my cousin who made ​​television performances. I’m originally from Hampyeong. I was in the village of butterflies until 5th grade, then I went to Seoul to study alone. The dance drove me to dream of being a singer in high school and that’s how I am now in the agency. Thanks to my parents who believed in me I was able to go so far.

BUFFY :  I studied it from the beginning. My parents worked hard so I attended to a school with a foreign language, then they persuaded me saying “do not study, try to find other hobbies” and I started playing bass. It was my first contact with music and then dancing interest me. Then I switched to an art school, and in high school I was in a dance group. Then I just join to the dance group of Moos’ cousin. So finally I joined the agency.

Heojun : In relation to this, I performed in college. Then a friend invited me to join the agency.

Jota :  I started doing judo, due to an injury during college I had to leave the sport and I had to find another dream. In elementary school I wanted to be a singer, so I tried to start again from the beginning.

Daewon : I was on a dance team in high school and we imitated MBLAQ’s choreographies, without thinking we uploaded the videos to a website. Surprisingly MBLAQ fans began to talk about it and the company after seeing the video called us.

Lee Geon : My father wanted to be a singer since I was little, so I grew up listening a lot of songs thanks to him. I was vaguely interested but then a friend from elementary school, Daewon, after finishing high school he encouraged me to join J.Tune Camp.

Daewon : We both within MAD TOWN call ourselves “the walnut line”. Between us. In our hometown walnut cookies are famous as in Cheonan, when we went to school it was very familiar to see walnut cookies.

Q. 2 years ago you had an average age of 20, how have you endured the anxiety to have an unclear dream? I think it must be frustrating to see all your friends go to college or military service.

Moos : In fact, I worried a lot when the debut was confirmed. They we postpone it, who does not think “you can’t do it.” But then I thought it was important to work hard instead of worrying. All members tried to show a good performance and then the debut appeared right before our eyes. (laughs)

Q. Do you have fights?

Lee Geon : We don’t have it. Daewon and I were the last to join the group. We think members would be territorial but they received us well. Now when we just look at each other we know what we need of each other. I hope we don’t have to fight, even now it wouldn’t be feasible. (laughs)

Q. The cohabitation

Moos : We still don’t live together. But it isn’t an exaggeration to say that we live in the practice room and we eat and sleep there. When we practice all day we are tired and slept on the floor of the rehearsal room until dawn, then we’re going to wash together, then bought banana milk and we repeat everything.

Q. A unit called ‘Pro C’ formed by Moos and BUFFY was released before debut right? Did you think you will as 2? 

Moos : Pro C  was actually a project to show our skills. We thought Pro C would be an additional unit of MAD TOWN. At that time it was already confirmed the debut of MAD TOWN.

Q. The other members were not disappointed? 2 members recorded a song and debuted first.

Lee Geon  : We weren’t disappointed at all. Instead we were busy celebrating it.

Moos :  We had a surprise party. They congratulated us. They did a hidden camera, I discovered first but BUFFY cried in surprise. (Laughs)

Q. It’s a trend that idols also write songs. Lyrics, composition, creating choreographies. What does MAD TOWN? 

Moos : We are constantly working with music. The company is giving us a lot of opportunities. For our title song our main dancer, Daewon, set the choreography. In the album BUFFY and I made the rap parts of two songs.

Lee Geon  : Heojun can play the piano. We could use him to make songs.

Q. When will we hear about the songwriters MAD TOWN? 

Moos : If they give us the chance we want to do it at any time. We’ve done a song but we need more time. (laughs)

Q. There is anything you want to say to future fans of MAD TOWN? 

Moos : We have the debut in front of us. All members have their charm. I hope you see us with a lot curiosity tirelessly.

BUFFY : I hope you like MAD TOWN’s music and look carefully our 7 personalities.

Heojun : We practiced for 2 short years, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a long or a short. While we practice with effort I hope you look at us kindly. We will show you a refreshing look.

Jota : We still haven’t fans but with our debut we’ll show more of our charms. Wait for it.

Daewon : I hope that you look at us kindly. We hope you think “They are interesting”, “I want to see this group again”.

Lee Geon : Although maybe there will be deficiencies, we will show a good performance.

If MAD TOWN want to have fans they can do a ‘guerilla concert’ or a ‘fanmeeting’. The 7 cheerful boys, MAD TOWN, will release their album on online music sites on 6.

Note: The translations may not be 100% correct. Sorry for the inconvenience. English and Korean aren't our native languages.

Source: Kukinews Reporter: Lee Eun Ji (이은지)
Translation (Korean-spanish-english): MADTOWNplacespain 
KJC Place Spain

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